Custom Cutting Cost

Packing house cut: This is a basic cut with minimal trimming and no wrap customer must pick up within 24 hours of cutting.Cost $0.50 per pound.

Basic Cut: Both sides or all quarters are cut the same, wrapped all the same, minimal trim Cost $0.60 per pound.

Mixed cut : Sides can be cut differently and packed differently, store trim Cost $0.75 per pound.

Chicken Processing $ 5.00 per chicken Call for availability
  • Skinning of Pigs $30.00 per animal
  • Lambs/Sheep $75.00 per animal, this includes skinning
  • Buffalo $50.00 per animal
  • Vaccum Packing $0.30 per bag
  • Smoking $1.25 per pound

At Sommers discretion any animal that arrives in an unsatifactory condition will not be taken in all animal need to be eviserated properly, meaning all entrail be removed including the butt and bladder

  • Sausage Bulk $1.25 per pound
  • Link Hog $2.25 per pound
  • Link Sheep $3.25 per pound
  • Aging Beef $0.20 per pound
  • Cooling $0.15 per pound;

    this is based on warm animals brought in for processing, other considerations are the weather.

Call for availability

Mobile Butchering

  • Beef $ 150.00
  • Hogs $ 75.00
  • Sow/Boar $ 100.00
  • sheep/Goats $ 50.00
  • Milage $ 0.75 per mile round trip

Dirty Carcass

If a carcass comes in full of dirt, hay, feces entrails or other, such as stuff flying around in the back of your pick up or road stuff there will be a $30.00 cleaning fee. You will loose part of your meat because of this, only because we will have to do excessive trimming.

Remember; you are the one eating this and I am not a miracle worker. I will do my best to take care of your meat. Please do your best to make sure my job is easy Clean, wash, trim before you bring it in.


You have 7 days to pick up your meat, after that $2.00 per day storage fee will be added to your bill.